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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Knott's Berry Farm California April 2010

I know that the time stamp on the photos say August but they are really taken in April for the kids birthdays. They are all four in April! How we did that I don't know LOL .

Los fotos se tomaron en Abril cuando en el foto dice Agosto. Todos los ninos cumpleanos estan en Abril haha.

here we were getting on the mine ride waiting in line.
estamos esperando en linia para montar un tren de una mina.

the same here
lo mismo aqui

Then here Talena was waiting in line for the log ride.
Aqui Talena esta esperando en linia para montar el aventon de tronco

My husband here looking handsome waiting for the ride.
Aqui mi esposo Aaron esperando por el aventon tambien.

Look at that gorgeous smile my baby has !
Mira que sonrisa tiene mi hijo !

Who can resist that face ??
Quien puede resisitir este cara!

 How handsome my son Nathaniel !
Que hermoso mi hijo Nathaniel !

And my  son Jaffet too.
Y mi hijo Jaffet tambien !

We are in the main train now in the middle of the park.
Aqui estamos en el tren en medio del parque.

What a day", my baby Jacob says ...hahaha"
"Que dia!" dice mi bebe Jacob.

Say "Hi" to the camara !
Diga "HOLA" a la camara !

I was on one side and they were on another.
Estabamos en un lado y mi esposo con Talena y Jacob en el otro.

The last ride of the day was me and Jacob on a mini train ..LOL
El ultimo aventon del dia y montamos un tren miniatura.

Look at my baby he's happy.
Mira a mi bebe tan feliz.

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